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est. march '22
welcome to foreveralways!
last update: aug 28, 2023.
i know my blog isn't much.. i'm still learning and getting the hold of html, css and web design after almost a year without practicing ! i start school soon so expect less updates, mainly i plan on using this site as a blog, but i also hope to share book/movie reviews and food content (mainly shopping lists + recipes lol).

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fearless - taylor swift
i love this song so much! i feel like it's the perfect song for the recent fall weather here in canada. i'm obviously obsessed with all of taylor's older music (speak now, fearless, 1989) but currently fearless is my fav album lol. it's very autumnal very romantic and i love country pop from that era.
about me
hi, i'm yolanda! i'm 15 and this is my blog xoxo i write about my life, school, food + basically everything here! it's more like an online diary of sorts, if you know me irl #LEAVE!
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lana del rey, taylor swift, nicki minaj, deftones, devon bostick, cillian murphy, adam driver, twilight, 2007-2014 (best era), reading, watching movies, journalling, the color pink and greek yogurt.